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Facial Aesthetics


Skin filling application creates a healthy and vivid appearance by creating volume in the skin. Skin filling is a common method used in the aging of the skin, is used in the destruction of lines. There are different areas of use, but today is used to fill the most lines. In the lines of the forehead, lines between the two eyebrows, lower eyelid lines, deep smile lines, vertical lines on the upper lip, lines lying down from the corners of the mouth, acne or surgery marks, filling of the cheekbone, deep grooves extending from the inner corner of the eye to the nose and collapsing under the eyes lip Natural fillers are used most quickly to wrinkle and sharpen the lines of the lips with the area between the nose and the lip that creates wrinkles. Reducing the tiny wrinkles around the eyes, forehead and the lips, and reducing the worn appearance in the hands, neck and décolleté regions.

In skin filling application, hyaluronic acid gel is injected with a thin needle into the area to be fixed. The gel fills the wrinkles. Injection does not usually require anesthesia. Injection takes about half an hour. The results are immediately noticeable.

The most preferred filler in the world is natural. These substances, which do not contain any chemicals, mix easily with the body and are permanent. Each filling material is not natural. In the first period, silicone filling processes were made and no unnatural results were taken. Other than hyluronic acid, products with animal content and oils from human body were used as filling material.

The filler is prepared in the form of a gel with a pH of 7 containing hyaluronic acid and physiological serum. The hyaluronic acid in the fillers is not animal origin. Therefore, it does not carry risks such as the transmission of certain diseases. Since it is a natural substance already found in our bodies, there is little chance of allergy.

Before injection, the skin is anesthetized using a special cream to prevent pain. Immediately after treatment, the treated area may be slightly reddened and swollen. This is the normal result of the injection and disappears in a day or two. Other problems that may occur are very rare. Additional substances may be applied to this area if necessary after one week.

The filler surface provides fullness to the area in which it is applied. Fill effect hyaluronic acid's water retention property leads to an increasing amount of water adherence to molecules. This indicates the long-lasting duration of the filling operation.

The person must be protected from extreme heat after the face fill. It should stay away from sunshine and warm environments such as solarium. Too much heat will be avoided, such as extreme cold is also not to be done.

The side effects of the filling process are negligible. Side effects appear quickly. Redness, bruising and swelling may occur temporarily in the application area. During the recovery period, these tracks disappear quickly.