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Facial Aesthetics


Botox is one of the most reliable, easy and best methods for removing fine wrinkles on your face.

Botox is the most common,

- Crow's feet (wrinkles with smile at the eye edge)

- Forehead wrinkles

- Cropping lines (wrinkles between two eyebrows)

- It is used as a non-surgical aesthetic method in low eyebrows.

- After botox application, the effect starts on the 3rd day and the effect of botox becomes clear in 10 days. After the full effect has been made, the control can be retouched.

Botox effect is clearly seen in the first 4 months and decreases in 4-6 months. You will not feel pain with the anesthetic creams applied before the application.

Is it worse after the Botox effect?

After the botox effect, you will return to the state before the application. Even in repetitive applications, the long-term effect of botox starts to develop, and even if you stop botox application, your wrinkles will decrease even more in your previous condition.

How much botox to whom?

Botox does not have a routine dose as it is written in books or as examples on the Internet. Age, gender, the depth of the wrinkles due to the strength of the facial mimic muscles, and even whether the person has already done routine botox, is effective in deciding the individual botox dose.

How should natural botox be?

The natural botox application is botox which does not look like a confused look, but reduces wrinkles, without completely losing face facial expressions. If you can easily understand that botox is done when you look at the person's face, this is the wrong botox application. If the edges of the eyebrows appear to be upward towards the forehead, this is a false botox application. Persons with this type of problem should consult a specialist Aesthetic Surgeon or Dermatology specialist and correct their out-of-date condition. Often, our patients suffer from botox, this kind of unnatural, bad practices, the rapid passage of the botox effect. The natural and effective botox treatment result can be achieved by adjusting the individual muscles with individual, stepwise dose adjustment.

What happens if botox is done wrong?

When botox is applied incorrectly, it may cause a decrease in the eyelids which may cause visual problems except for a natural result. Therefore, the profession of the person practicing the botox is very important. Botox application should be applied by a specialist in Plastic Surgery or Dermatology. Because the person who has medical, aesthetic and anatomy education and is authorized to practice, these are 2 specialties. Estheticians, hairdressers, nurses, health care technicians, such as the profession or even without knowing what the profession to make cheap botox and bad results are often encountered in patients.

Is Botox harmful?

Botox is a drug derived from the bacterium B. Botilinum. Botox (tension-type headache, muscle spasm treatment ine), which was first used for the treatment of diseases in different medicine fields, was applied later in the aesthetic field and 2013 is the most commonly applied aesthetic intervention in the US according to the statistical data of the American Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Society (AAFPRS). It would be wrong to consider a practice that has been done so much as harmful.

Is Botox suitable for me? Is there an age limit for Botox?

If there are wrinkles on your forehead, around your eyes, between your eyebrows, this is the most suitable treatment for these wrinkles.

Botox age is not. According to AAFPRS data, 62% of those who had botox in 2013 were 35-60 years old, 21% were 22-34 years old, 18% were over 61 years old and 2% were under the age of 21 years.

Botox feels good for depression !!

A simple botox injection to remove facial wrinkles can be effective in the treatment of major depression. Germany Head of the Department of Psychiatry, Hannover Medical Faculty Prof.Dr. Krugerin in his studies proved that botox relieves the symptoms of depression. Depression symptoms were found to be decreased in people who had botox.

Botox Esthetic and Botox for Eyebrow Removal

Every person who has a botox is completely wrong. This information is a common knowledge because of improper practices and results. With proper doses and botox made to regions, the person's hard expression can be eliminated. Without removing the eyebrow completely with Botox, a natural and aesthetic curve can be given. Botox can be applied to remove facial wrinkles without changing the shape and location of the eyebrow.

Botox in Nasal Aesthetic Surgery

In some people, the muscles at the tip of the nose show the nose tip low, or the tip of the nose drops while talking and smiling. In appropriate persons, treatment of botox with a nasal tip may be treated with a 3-minute procedure. In addition, during the smile on the nose, or those who have undergone nasal plastic surgery, wrinkles on the nose of the nose can be removed by botox.

Botox in Aesthetics and Lip Aesthetics

The relationship of the lips to the teeth during the smile, the upward displacement of the lip edges, the fullness of the lips and the rise of the mid-lip, the appearance of the lips relative to the tooth is important. The appearance of the gums during the smile disrupts the facial aesthetics and presents an unwanted appearance. This situation called sağlan Gummy Smile bot can be corrected by making botox application more aesthetic. Longer lip lines known as udak smoker line a can also be treated with botox to create a younger looking lip. Botox does not provide volume on the lip. It can be applied in lip esthetic filling and botox combination. By creating lip contours with filler or by increasing lip volume, sexy, feminine, beautiful looking lips can be created during smile and normal posture.

Application of Botox in Decolletage and Neck Area

You can have a younger, fresh look by applying aesthetic treatments to the face without surgery. But your neck can tear your age. Over time, the jaw-extending tapes are formed. Since the skin of the neck is thin, it can wrinkle and show you older. Both transverse and longitudinal lines may appear. Botox applied to the platisma muscle in the neck region can be provided with a temporally visible neck. With the combined filling treatment to be applied to the jaw, slight sagging in the gullet can be recovered.

Botox Price

Botox is one of the most effective methods for the treatment of wrinkles that are evident with age in the upper face, neck area. It can be applied in combination with botox filler, prp, laser facial rejuvenation, and rope suspension methods. During nasal, breast or body shaping aesthetic operations, aesthetic botox can be applied. Botox price may vary according to dose, administration site and combined therapies. Your doctor will need to examine you for the price of botox treatment. Botox applications, which are not cheap botox, can cause many bad consequences, including vision problems.