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What is PRP?

PRP (platelet rich plasma) means platelet-rich plasma.

What do platelets do?

Platelet cells are cells in the blood that provide tissue healing and cell renewal with growth factors secreted outside the clot.

How is PRP applied?

A tube of blood from a person is subjected to a number of procedures by means of a special kit and the platelet cells are separated. Separated cells are applied to your skin with the help of mesotherapy injection or dermapen.

What are the side effects of PRP?

This treatment is done entirely with your own cells. There is no outside contribution. Does not cause any side effects.

Is PRP an effective method?

PRP treatment is a scientifically proven treatment that has entered the medical literature. PRP treatment is used not only for aesthetic purposes but also for joint disorders and is used for joint regeneration. In addition, branches such as dentistry and cardiovascular surgery also use PRP for therapeutic purposes.

What is the purpose of PRP for aesthetic use?

PRP is used for aesthetic purposes to stimulate regeneration and rejuvenate the skin. PRP treatment is also used in the treatment of blotchy.

In addition, the hair follicles with PRP application of hair follicles by increasing the supply of more vibrant and long-lasting hair can be provided. PRP treatment is used in hair loss treatment and after hair transplantation.

What is the PRP fee?

PRP should be performed with repeated sessions. Your doctor determines the number of sessions based on your skin needs. 2 to 5 sessions may be required three weeks apart. Once a year, once a session is performed, it will be useful for cell renewal. You can find out whether PRP treatment is appropriate and the price information as a medical examination.