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Face Lift
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Facial Aesthetics

Face Lift

With aging, many changes occur on our face. There are different reasons. The most important of these is gravity. The gravity draws the soft tissues in our face and causes sagging in the face. Eyebrows fall down, the middle face section of the fat pads on the cheekbone goes down. Drooping images on the edge of the chin may occur due to the soft tissue of the jaw. The angle of the neck changes. Longitudinal folds and food collections occur. The aim of face lift surgeries is to restore these formations to their original locations.

There is no absolute age for facial rejuvenation operations. In our country, the average age of those who prefer this operation is 50-55. Face lift operations can be done again after losing effect. First surgery is very important. The second surgery is usually planned for 10-15 weeks after the first operation.

This surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia. However, this operation can also be performed under local anesthesia under deep sedation. The operation may take 3-5 hours depending on the problem in the patient. After the operation, the patient is advised to remain under control in the hospital one night. Swelling and bruises may occur postoperatively, and their disappearance is about 1 week. Naturalness is the most important principle in this surgery. If a natural image does not appear as a result of the operation, the operation is considered unsuccessful. Hematoma seen after each operation may occur. Smokers or diabetics may experience problems such as skin loss and decay after surgery. If the planning is done well and the patient's problems are investigated well, the risk is reduced to a minimum level.

The face is examined in three sections. The first is the forehead area, the second is the mid-face region and the result is the neck and jaw region. Endoscopic techniques are used in the forehead and middle face. With the help of endoscopy, the series in the forehead area is liberalized and the sagging eyebrows can be lifted up. In the mid-face area, with the help of an endoscope placed in the temple area and with a small incision made under the eyelash, healthy tissues in the temple area are detected. In the neck area, endoscopy can only be used in patients with very small deformities. Usually, an incision made in front of the ear in the neck area and made towards the back of the ear is used. The skin in the neck area is completely excised. The muscles that cause neck sag are tightened with sutures. Face lift surgeries are never a skin stretching surgery. The procedure performed in these operations is the tensioning of the tissues under the skin. If the skin is overstretched, inappropriate results may occur.

The patient is discharged the next day after face lift surgery. Resistances placed in the neck area can be removed between 24-48 hours. Bruises and swellings usually disappear within 1 week. Patients usually return to social life 20 days after surgery. In patients with over-sagging of the neck, the healing process can last more. After surgery, the patient should avoid excessive effort. It is good to protect from the sun for a few months.