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Facial Aesthetics


What are the reasons for aging?

The aging of the face should not be perceived as the aging of the skin, as it is thought. The aging of the face is due to the differentiation of all tissues from the skull to the skin.

The following changes occur with age:

- The protrusions of the skull bones are reduced and flattened

- Muscle tissue weakens and volume decreases

- The facial contours of the fat tissue and the downward displacement

- Binding of the facial skin to the bone tissue loosens, skin hangs

- Reduces skin elasticity and reduces water retention capacity (collagen reduction)

What is Sculptra?

Sculptra is a filler produced from Poly L-Lactic Acid (PLLA), a derivative of fusible sewing threads used in surgery. It is a substance that is compatible with body tissues and does not show any foreign matter reaction. It creates its effect by stimulating subcutaneous collagen stimulation, not by giving volume to the region, such as hyaluranic acid fillers. Thus, it creates a rejuvenation effect in the applied area, reduces the lines and wrinkles.

How does Sculptra show its effect?

The main building material that gives the skin a young and smooth appearance in the face area is collagen. Collagen production in the skin decreases over time. With the decrease in the amount of collagen, the wrinkles and shadows in the face begin to increase and the face appears older.

After Sculptra Injection

- Decreased or lost natural collagen production is stimulated

- Reduces volume in areas with volume loss

- Corrects the face contour.


- Reduces regional wrinkles

- Face contours reappear

- The skin begins to look younger and smoother.

Which areas can Sculptra apply?

Between the nose and the cheek to the deep line (nasolabial fold)

Lines extending from lip edges (Marionette lines)

The lines on the chin

Pit regions in the cheek

How long does Sculptura show after applying the effect?

Immediately 3 weeks after the application, the effects begin to appear. Repeated injections are made for more collagen production and the effect becomes more pronounced.

How often and how many times should Sculptra be administered?

Administration dose and repetition may vary according to necessity, but may require 2-4 sessions at 3 weeks intervals.

How long does Sculptra show effect?

The clinical effect of Sculptra lasts 25 months.

Who does not apply Sculptra?

Sculptra is not adhered to patients with immune system disorders. It is not applied in patients who are allergic to drugs applied to subcutaneous tissues. Sculptra is not applied in patients with swelling of old wounds such as keloid and hypertrophic scar. Sculptra application is not suitable for active skin infections. The application can be done after the infection has passed. The application is not made on the lip.

What is the Price of Sculptra?

The dose varies according to the application sessions and the area to be applied. Therefore, after consultation with the doctor, the pricing is done according to the needs of the person. Please make an appointment to get free consultation and pricing information.