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Bucket Ear
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Bucket Ear

Ear aesthetics surgery to correct the discomfort that is called the scoop ear is a type of surgery performed. Ear surgery can be performed at any age from the age of 6 years. Disorders of the ear formed in this period are difficult to repair, causing self-confidence and body perception disorders. Therefore, the cosmetic and aesthetic approaches of this region are very important.

Before your surgery, your complaints and expectations are listened to. Your plastic surgeon will make the necessary evaluations and your ear will be photographed in 6 different ways and you will be shown the possible image after surgery. According to these images, you need to convey your wishes, positive and negative opinions to your doctor. All necessary details are determined on the day of the operation after the speech.

The choice of anesthesia is entirely determined by the patient's age. If the patient is between the ages of 6-12, sleep is performed under the name of general anesthesia. This operation can be performed with lokan anethesis by numbing the ear only at older ages. Generally, this operation is performed by local anesthesia. In this method, the entrance is performed after the ear and the operation time is an average hour. By increasing the crimp of the ear counter, it is aimed to get closer to the head. The angle of the head and the pinna is normally 30-35 degrees. This angle is tried to be operated by surgery. This procedure is painless when the correct methods are used. There may be a slight pain after the surgery, but this pain can be controlled by drugs. Methods such as ear hanging, ear buckling ear correction can often cause the bucket to form again. After the operation, the patient's head is wound to maintain its shape and healing. After 2-3 days, this dressing is removed and the dressing is done.

The traces of surgery remain at the back of the ear. The person is not seen when looking back. It can only be seen if the ear is pulled out. This trace is almost invisible after about a month. Ear aesthetics prices may vary according to many factors. You can meet with a specialist plastic surgeon and have detailed information about each subject.

The eyebrow ear canal is an operation that is too small for surgery. The back of the ears are anesthetized and the ears are fixed by pulling the ears back under the skin. Very good results can be obtained if it is done with cartilage shaping. A variety of combinations can be made in individuals with weak ear loops, since cartilage must be formed to form curves. Bucket ear discomfort and surgery for this purpose has nothing to do with the hearing function.

After the operation, the period of return to normal life may vary according to men and women. Ladies can use the band as an accessory can return to their daily life immediately. However, men have to stay with bandages for a while since they do not use hair band. You can see the redness and scar on the ears when this bandage has been used for a sufficient period of time. These marks will disappear after about a week. Positive responses were obtained from ear aesthetics surgeries. It is also a simple operation.