Dr. Berker Büyükgüral
Cheek Aesthetics (Hollywood Cheek)
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Cheek Aesthetics (Hollywood Cheek)

The beauty of the face is a whole and it is ensured that all the structures on the face are compatible with each other. A round face is not always preferred. The aesthetically more oval and inverted triangular forms have become more popular today. Sometimes a person has a round face even if he is very weak and cannot change the round and chubby look of his face no matter what he does. Here, the cheek thinning aesthetics are liberating.

This surgery, which was made by celebrities in Hollywood at first but could not be understood what was done, can now be done to anyone complaining of the chubby appearance of their cheeks. In this way, the cheekbones are more dislocated, a sweet collapse on the cheeks and a proportional face image can be obtained.

In this operation, 35-40% of the fat paddle collected under the skin and muscles of the cheek is removed. The surgery is performed completely with a small incision through the mouth. Self-melting sutures are used in this surgery which does not require suturing. The duration of this procedure, which can be performed by local anesthesia as well as by general anesthesia, is approximately 45 minutes.

As with any surgical intervention, some edema may occur after surgery. After a week ten days, the edema gradually decreases and the result begins to manifest. Depending on the person, this period can sometimes reach 3-4 weeks.