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Clear+Brilliant (Fraksel Resurfacing)
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Clear+Brilliant (Fraksel Resurfacing)

You can reveal your beauty and young appearance with Clear + Brilliant.

Clear and Brilliant is a laser system used to eliminate the first signs of aging and to delay aging. Clear and BrilliantTM is an FDA-approved fractional laser skin rejuvenation method that can be used safely and safely in all skin types.

The C & B app is ideal for those who want to see the skin more shiny, smooth and fresh.

C & B skin renewal is a highly effective laser skin renewal method especially in patients who have begun to develop new wrinkles in the face area at a young age. C & B effectively maintains the care your skin needs.

92% of patients treated with Clear + Brilliant stated that their skin was younger and smoother.

What are the effects of Clear & Brilliant?

- C & B helps you to regain the glow, shine and smoothness of skin at any age.

- Provides general care of skin

- Delays aging effects and symptoms

- Treats newly formed fine wrinkles in the area around the eyes and cheeks

- Makes your skin smoother by narrowing large pores in your skin

- Reduces traces and pits due to acne

- Increases skin tone and gives a younger look.

How does Clear & Brilliant show the effect?

The C & B application sends fractional laser beams under the skin with point shots under treatment. C & B fractional laser energy takes down your skin's lower layers, creating millions of microscopic treatment areas. It activates skin repair mechanisms.

The damaged outermost layer of skin goes and the lower layers of the newly formed layer of cells come from the young.

Another advantage of C & B is that it triggers the production of natural collagen in the skin and helps the skin to continue to be renewed in the future.

Which areas is Clear & Brilliant?

- Face area (forehead, cheek area, goose feet, under eye, chin, rim)

- Tickle

- Neck

- Decollete area

- Hand Tread

In the sun-exposed areas of your body, the effects of old age begin to appear early. Whether the skin is thin or thick, the skin type is dry or greasy. In these regions, it makes an effective skin care and delays the signs of aging. The app is comfortable, painless and effective.

Is the C & B Fractional Laser reliable?

C & B is an effective and safe method with FDA approval. During the application you will not feel any pain except for a slight burning.

After the application, the skin redness disappears within half an hour and you can continue your busy life and work pace after 20 minutes of treatment.

Thanks to the Intelligent Optical Tracking System (IOTS), the laser head provides complete contact with your skin and provides effective treatment. Hygiene is provided by changing the head in every application.

As with other fractional laser treatments, it does not cause skin rash and long lasting redness.

C & B Application

The application is extremely painless. Even anesthetic creams are not used before application.

Your specialist will adjust the application area and the laser dose to your skin.

Although the average duration of application is 20 minutes, the time may vary depending on the width of the application area.

You can take a break for a lunch break, then get back to work.

C&B Uygulama Sonrası

After the procedure, the skin redness will disappear in a short time.

A mild skin itching that may occur for 1 2 days after the application is an indication of the onset of recovery.

Skin protection and moisturizing is very important after treatment. You can get detailed information from your doctor.

Is Clear & Brilliant suitable for you?

Our skin is the largest organ of our body and skin care is very important. Anyone who cares for her skin and wants a smooth, youthful looking skin that is shimmering is suitable for treating C & B. No matter how old you are from the age of 20, the C & B method will protect your skin against aging and will delay aging symptoms.

It is a method that can be applied for anyone who cares about the skin of a woman or a man.