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Juvaderm - Volite Moisture Vaccine
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Juvaderm - Volite Moisture Vaccine

Another Innovation in Improving Skin Quality

Due to the effects of time and environmental factors, the skin begins to lose its moisture and become deformed. The amount of hyaluronic acid contained in the skin decreases with the contribution of these environmental factors. Juvadermin Volite Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Vaccine, which is produced in order to restore skin quality, provides moisturizing effect up to 9 months, texture-flexibility and color improvement in a single application. The process can be applied on face, neck, décolleté and hand.

Moisture Vaccine is now known and demanded. We are excited to offer Volite moisture vaccines to our patients who experience such problems, because the Volite moisture vaccine is a truly innovative treatment option and we know that skin quality affects not only the appearance of the skin but also the emotional state of the person. We feel better and happier when our skin is healthy and radiant.

Juvaderm Volite moisture vaccination ensures that the skin is smooth and removes fine lines. On the other hand, it restores the moisture lost by the skin and increases skin elasticity. In clinical studies, a remarkable improvement was observed in single session in patients who received Volite moisture vaccination.

In other medical aesthetic applications, swelling, bruising, edema and pain patients due to injections sometimes worry. However, Vloite products are so well tolerated that such side effects are almost negligible and 95% of patients can easily return to their daily life after the procedure.

How to apply Volite Moisture Vaccine?

First, the current state of the skin is evaluated. Local anesthesia cream is applied to the area to be applied and is expected to match. Then the product is injected into the skin at intervals of 1.5-2 cm. The processing time is about 10-20 minutes.

When is the Effect of Moisture Vaccination?

Within a few days, you begin to see your skin shine, moisturize, and thin wrinkles begin to unfold. After the procedure, you feel the need to use less concealed makeup than before.

What Are Our Expectations After Moisture Vaccine?

Clinical studies have shown that single-session Juvederm Volite Moisture Therapy treatment is effective in decreasing fine lines for up to 9 months and providing skin moisture and flexibility.